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Message from the Principal: updated September 2018

Message from the Principal: July 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been an incredibly busy but productive year where the school has made significant strides and come out of Special Measures during the inspection in February this year. Students, staff and parents/carers have been incredibly patient and responsive to the changes we have made and have given us the opportunity to improve this Academy. I would like to thank them all for their efforts in supporting me in ensuring that we can provide an educational service to our young people that we are all proud of.

As is always the case in this profession, we say goodbye to a number of staff which I will inform you of in a moment, but first, I would like to thank a few members of staff who have changed roles in the Academy for September 2018.

  • Mr Clompus has been the Vice Principal for a number of years, but earlier this year agreed to take on the post of Director of Post-16 at the Academy working closely with the others schools in our collaborative Sixth Form. I would like to thank him for his fantastic efforts as my Deputy and I am confident that the Post-16 provision within the Academy will go from strength to strength with him at the helm.
  • Mr Downes has stepped down from his role of Head of Post-16. This is to enable him to focus on his teaching during the last years of his illustrious career at Sir Bernard Lovell Academy which began 32 years ago in 1986.
  • Mr Smy has led significant improvement in Maths as the Curriculum Team Leader. He has agreed to take on a key role for us and will ensure the smooth operation of our IT platforms and systems as the Director of IT Operational Services and E-Learning.
  • Mr Lyle, will remain as Head of Callisto House, however, will also become our Designated Safeguarding Lead alongside Mr White.
  • Mrs Hart, will remain as Head of Titan House, however, will also become our Academy Primary Liaison and Transition Coordinator.
  • Mr Rossister, will replace Mr Smy as Curriculum Team Leader for Maths.
  • Mr Shiells, will become Curriculum Team Leader for P.E.

Now to those staff who will be leaving us for September 2018:

  • Mrs Safraz, Assistant Principal
  • Mrs Allison-Wright, Assistant Principal
  • Mr Morgan, Extended SLT
  • Ms Kauser, Humanities Teacher
  • Ms King, Achievement Coach
  • Mrs Millard, Deputy Head of House
  • Ms Tilley, Head of History
  • Mr Richardson, Achievement Coach
  • Ms Stevenson, Humanities Teacher
  • Mrs Coward, Deputy Head of House
  • Ms Mitchell, Curriculum Team Leader for P.E

I would like to thank all the above members of staff for their dedication and commitment to our students and this Academy. They will all be missed and I would like to wish them the best of luck on behalf of staff, students, parents and carers.

In particular, we are saying goodbye to three members of the Senior Leadership Team who were instrumental in ensuring the Academy came out of Special Measures. I would like to thank them personally for the support they have given me in my first year at SBL Academy.

We are very excited for the start of the next term and will be welcoming a number of new staff to the Academy. Mr White has been with us as Interim Vice Principal since January and will join my senior team as Vice Principal, Curriculum and Assessment from September. Mr Jones will also be joining the Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning. In addition:

  • Ms Deady, Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning
  • Ms Bateman, P.E
  • Ms Harriott, P.E
  • Ms Brookes, Science
  • Ms Lowes, Humanities
  • Ms Gilkerson, History
  • Ms Scott-Morgan, Art
  • Ms Ashenden, Art and Textiles

Over the summer we will also be appointing replacements for the outgoing Deputy Heads of House to ensure our students have appropriate support in September.

Please read the information booklet for parents and carers (Pdf, 1.7mb) filled with relevant information regarding the Academy which will help with understanding our expectations and give guidance for you for next year. It is similar in nature to the document you will have received in Year 6 but has obviously been updated to reflect our heightened expectations and aspirations for all of our students. Importantly, there is very little change to policy on Uniform, jewellery, piercings, hair and behaviour however, from September we will have heightened expectations regarding students meeting our requirements. A key responsibility for us is to ensure that our students are prepared for life beyond school and in order for this ambition to be recognised we need to ensure that we enforce the expectations we publish. Students have had a number of assemblies and sessions with tutors regarding this so it will not be a surprise to them and as I have said before in order for us to provide the best educational opportunities we need your full support. By meeting our expectations regarding these things every student will be able to focus on the core purpose of school and be able to achieve to the best of their ability and our energies can be directed into teaching and learning.

If there are likely to be issues in meeting our expectations regarding the items in the booklet please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance and we will aim to resolve them as quickly as possible. I have also written to you previously to prepare the way forward for the next academic year.

I wish all the students and families a well-deserved, restful and safe summer break and look forward to welcoming all students back to the Academy in September.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Anderson

Information booklet for parents and carers (Pdf, 1.7mb)