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Sixth Form

SBL Sixth Form

The sixth form centre

The sixth form centre

It is the intention of everyone involved in delivering the Post-16 provision at the Sir Bernard Lovell Academy that your study should be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience, not only in academic and vocational achievement but in the continued development of you as an individual.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated modern sixth form centre, exclusively for the use of Post-16 students. This excellent provision will be also supported by our partnership with the other centres within the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust to enhance the choice of courses and enrichment activities available.

Wherever you look you will see that ‘learning pays’. Qualifications and experiences are increasingly necessary for employment in all walks of life. Within the sixth form centre we have designed an exciting and broad Post-16 curriculum to enable you to equip yourself for employment, higher education and life.

At the Sir Bernard Lovell Academy you will be taught by experienced teachers who know you and your preferred way of working. You will be assigned a personal tutor who will guide and support you through your studies, including your applications to university, apprenticeship or employment. This will be supported by regular reports to parents highlighting your areas of success and areas for further development.

I hope that you will join us by continuing your studies in the Post-16 centre at the Sir Bernard Lovell Academy.

S Downes
Head of Sixth Form

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Five great reasons to join the sixth form

Five great reasons to join the sixth form

High expectations

Post 16 is about freedom, responsibility and opportunity, in many ways you get out of it what you put into it. The Post 16 Centre has high expectations and aspirations and expects students to have them too. We will encourage you to have an open mind and to think critically as you learn and progress.

Excellent progression

Young people are increasingly required to make complex decisions about their future at an earlier age than ever before. There is a comprehensive programme of careers education and IAG in place that gives you the chance to fully explore possible progression choices. In the sixth form we ensure that all students are supported to achieve their goals. In 2015 all Year 13 leavers progressed to university, further education, apprenticeships or employment.

Support for your progress

We don’t just expect success at SBL, we actively support you in achieving it. The secret of success is developing the ability to study and plan work effectively. Not all students will find this easy, but there is ongoing support available from Personal Tutors and teachers that know you to help you achieve your full potential.

Something for everyone

The Sir Bernard Lovell Academy is part of the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust; this significantly increases the opportunities available to you both in terms of the courses on offer and in terms of the expertise that the schools have. This includes the newly built engineering facilities at the IKB academy and industry standard media facilities at the Aspire school.

It’s not just work, work, work

At SBL we want you to be academically successful but also to have fun. You will have the opportunity to be involved in a range of activities ranging from school productions to helping in the school community, running charity events to completing your Duke of Edinburgh silver award. As a sixth form student at SBL you are also entitled to a discounted membership to the school gym.

Being at SBL sixth form

Being at SBL sixth form

Whether you are targeting a place at university or planning to begin your career, SBL is organised to give you the support you need to develop, and the space you need to flourish.

First-class teaching

Our specialist teachers and support staff are highly qualified and experienced at inspiring students like you to make the most of your talents, and to discover new ones.

Supportive culture

In SBL sixth form we regard ourselves as a community focused on delivering outstanding support to students both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you are looking for new challenges, struggling with your workload or dealing with issues outside of the Sixth Form, there are staff and structures in place to ensure you will be successful.

Your own space

Sixth Form is a different experience to being at school. You’re older, more independent and you study and work in different ways. That’s why we have a dedicated custom built area for sixth form students in addition to the whole school facilities and resources. In the sixth form centre you can work collaboratively or on your own in one of the quiet rooms using the dedicated sixth form IT facilities. You can even grab a snack or a hot drink from the vending machines.

Personalised approach

Throughout your time at SBL you will have a personalised study programme. You will receive regular reports and feedback on your progress and attainment from your tutor and subject teachers. You will meet with your tutor at least termly for mentoring meetings where your progress will be reviewed and targets, both academic and personal, will be set. You will also meet with your whole tutor group twice a week to develop the important study groups and friendships that will support your success.

Advice and coaching for what’s next

Our personalised tutor system means that we know you well, which in turn means we can give you the best advice. When it comes to applying to university, further courses, apprenticeships or employment we can offer you sound advice and information as well as extensive support in developing your applications and personal statements.

Developing as a student in the sixth form

Developing as a student in the sixth form

At SBL we believe that the student themselves should be actively involved in how the sixth form develops. This is why we have a student council that represent the views of student to the sixth form leadership team.

We believe that all student in the sixth form have skills and experience that students in the main school can and will benefit from, we therefore expect all students to develop their leadership skills by becoming involved as volunteers. This will take many forms, from helping to organise house activities in conjunction with the Heads of Houses, to supporting younger students with their studies. It might involve helping the IT technicians maintain the computer provision or helping the Sports department organise equipment. There are a wide range of opportunities to suit all students in the sixth form. Becoming involved in these activities will form a key part of your study programme.

We encourage and support all students to undertake a period of work experience. Whether you are planning to go straight into employment or to apply to university, work experience is an important element of sixth form education. A high quality experience of an appropriate working environment will provide you with a valuable, first-hand insight into the world of work and help you to make more informed career and education choices.

Employers and universities are increasingly expecting students to provide evidence of a broad range of qualifications and skills. A successful work experience allows you to demonstrate the development of vital employability skills.

Making the move into the sixth form

Making the move into the sixth form

A level courses are changing, moving towards linear assessment, which started in 2015 with the syllabus specifications changing for art and design, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, English language, English language and literature, English literature, history, physics, psychology and sociology. There are further planned changes to syllabuses in 2016 including theatre studies, MFL subjects, geography and music.

At the time of printing, the specifications for the 2016 changes are still in draft form awaiting approval from Ofqual and so we have given you the most up to date information here. Of course changes bring opportunities and we have added, in conjunction with the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust, an exciting range of courses that offer even more depth and provide clearer pathways for students.

If you would like more information please see our sixth form propsectus (pdf, 632kb) or contact a member of the team post-16@sblonline.org.uk or tel: 01454 868062.

Our courses

Our courses

Our courses

We are delighted to have increased the range of courses on offer this year in Post-16 as part of our collaboration with Wellsway School and the IKB and Bath Studio Schools.

This means that you are able to choose from over 50 courses, giving you a fantastic opportunity to specialise in pathways that suit your future ambitions and needs.

Whilst you will be registered at a particular Sixth Form, you will be able to access any of the courses on offer at our partner schools. This means that you can choose to study at one place alone or, if you wish, you have a wonderful opportunity to make the best use of the courses, resources and opportunities at our partner schools. If you need to travel between schools for particular lessons, transport is organised from door-to-door for you!

Remember, you need to take a minimum of three level 3 subjects.

If you have any queries or would like to change your option choices please contact Mr Downes.

More information

Application forms

Application forms

We offer a wide range of courses at the Post-16 Centre. Take a look through this year’s Post-16 Prospectus (pdf, 632kb) to help you choose the right course for you.

Contact us

Sir Bernard Lovell Academy Sixth Form
North Street
Oldland Common
BS30 8TS

Tel: 01454 868 062
Email: post-16@sblonline.org.uk

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A guide to university finances by Bath University

A guide to university finances by Bath University

Year 11 bridging work into Sixth Form 2018

Year 11 bridging work into Sixth Form 2018

All students applying to our Sixth Form in September 2018 need to complete the Summer research tasks for the subjects they intend to take in September. The transition from GCSE to A level or CTEC/BTEC level 3 study is very demanding, doing this work will help ensure all students get off to a flying start.

For students studying a subject taught at Wellsway School or the IKB Academy the research task will be set by them and will be available off their respective websites.

The summer research tasks will form part of the initial assessments which are done in at the end of September to ensure students are on appropriate courses.


Please see bridging work for subjects taught at Wellsway School.

Post-16 student handbook (Pdf, 198kb)

Term begins for Post-16 students:

Year 12 students - 9.00 am, Wednesday 5th September 2018
Year 13 students - 10.00 am, Thursday 6th September 2018