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Additional Inset day on 15 July 2019
Posted on: 15/May/19

Additional Inset day on 15 July 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

You may have seen the letter on our website as it was issued by the Trust in early April (Pdf). Apologies that some of you may not have received this via email.

You will remember that we took part in the pilot Ofsted Inspection in February 2019 which was an incredibly useful process for us to go through in order for us to measure the rate of progress we have made in the last 18 months. As I fed-back to you at the time, we have made impressive progress in a number of areas and our Intervention Board are really pleased, as am I as Principal.

In order to fully prepare for the year ahead, we need to ensure that our curriculum is further developed and embedded and of the best quality. We have an Inset Day planned for 17 June 2019 as per our calendar and we will use that to draft the first elements of our new curriculum in each subject area. To enable us to complete the work, the Academy Intervention Board have granted us an additional Inset Day on Monday 15 July 2019.

By doing so, we will be in a position where the new curriculum can be in place for the start of the Autumn Term. It will greatly benefit our students and ensure that we are able to deliver a cohesive curriculum that is well-sequenced and enables our students to make good and outstanding progress.

I recognise that this may inconvenience some of you but assure you that it is essential that we allow staff this time in order to ensure that the experience for our students is enhanced for next year.

Mr D Anderson