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Collection of exam certificates
Posted on: 18/Sep/18

Collection of exam certificates

Exam regulations state that schools need only hold onto exam certificates for a year following date of issue and in the wake of the new GDPR regulations, this is a policy that SBL Academy will uphold in the future.

We are therefore giving former students one last chance to collect their exam certificates as many employers insist on seeing original exam certificates before employment can commence.

If you are an ex-pupil and you do not have your certificates, get in touch with the Academy and they can check whether they hold certificates for you. If you are notified that there are certificates for you, you will then need to collect the certificates by 15.00 on Friday 9 November 2018.

ID (either driving licence or passport) must be brought and you will be expected to sign upon receiving the certificates. If you are unable to collect in person, you may nominate someone to collect on your behalf. You must write a letter authorising your nominated person and this must be signed and dated.

Any remaining certificates (with the exception of those belonging to the class of 2017) will then be destroyed. After this, the only way of receiving confirmation of your exam results will be by contacting the exam boards directly and paying a fee for each exam board. Certificates are rarely re-issued, so obtaining the originals from SBL Academy may be your only opportunity of receiving exam certificates. Class of 2017 certificates will be destroyed at the end of 2018 (as exam certificates are usually issued during the Autumn term).

Many exam certificates were collected shortly after the school received them, so please do not be too disappointed if SBL no longer hold your certificates. It may be that you had collected them at the time and had simply put them in a very safe place! Some students may have taken exams with SBL in Year 9 or Year 10 before moving on to a different school for their final years, so we urge former students to whom this may apply to also get in contact.

Please call SBL Academy’s Reception on 0117 4565900 to check if SBL have your certificates and to arrange a convenient collection time.

One sleep to go!
Posted on: 04/Sep/18

One sleep to go!

We are excited to welcome all of our new Year 7s to SBL on Wednesday morning. 

Students should make their way to the main Giotto reception entrance by 8.40 am for their welcome assembly. Your tutor will be there to meet you.